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City of Wyandotte, Michigan

““We love our hanging baskets. We receive many compliments from those visiting our city. The reservoir in the bottom helps maintain their beauty. The high quality of this product has allowed us to have them for many years without ever having to replace them.” - Alice, Wyandotte Beautification

Telluride, Colorado

“We have only had to water these baskets 3 times/week so far. They have certainly saved us a lot of time and resources, especially during a severe drought.” - Sally, Parks Supervisor, Parks & Recreation Department
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Commercial Planting Solutions for Every Season

Our products help your city, business, or campus look beautiful year-round with our patented hanging basket with removable liners.

No longer will you have to replant new flowers in a pot every season. We make it easy for anyone to switch out their flower baskets in minutes. Simply replace the old liner and flowers with a new one that is already planted with seasonal flowers you want to display. Our pots have a water reservoir built into them to make the process even easier, plants can go 2-3 days without needing to be watered.

Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Planter
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Personalize Your Planters with Custom Flower Towers and Toppers

We offer ironwork to enhance the look and functionality of our water-saving baskets.

We create beautiful iron brackets, baskets, bases, and poles to hold our products. To add additional value to our customers, we offer custom ironwork where we can include specific designs and logos into the brackets and baskets that our pots sit in. We can laser cut the metal to ensure an elegant, precise product every time.

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